#62 – Having fun with Physics in Blender

Hi, today I’ll go back to blender and I’ll fiddle a little bit with the physics options of Blender. I’ll mainly play with the rigid body object for today. A low-effort article but a fun one nonetheless.


How does it work?

Pretty easily to say the least, all you have to do is to setup a rigid body in the physics tab, you’ll find many options such as the mass of the object (if you want to do something heavy for example), I’ll setup a collision plane with a “passive” type as well to act as a ground.

I’ll stack a few cube with that rigid body option and I’ll try to create a bowling ball using a slope where I remove the friction going straight at them and try to break them.

Here’s the result:

What did I learn today?

  • How to use the passive mode on rigid body to avoid a falling ground
  • Extend the physics cache frame limit to be able to render something more than 250 frames
  • Changing the friction to make an object roll faster on it


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