#74 | mc00 – Using the piano roll in FL Studio

It’s a rainy day today, I wish I could continue some of my other subjects by going outside a little bit but with the weather and the fact that I’m basically dying due to allergy outside, it’s going to be difficult. I’m kinda slacking at home today but I needed that rest since I still couldn’t find the best rhythm to alternate between work, colleagues, friends and hobbies.

Anyway, I’ll start my journey into music creation today with a new category, continuing a little bit my solo article concerning FL Studio.

Piano roll

The article I’m writing should be pretty straightforward and will talk about a feature in FL Studio named “piano roll”, it is the basic to writing melodies into your songs with the software. It will allow you to modify pitches and set them up to prepare them as a pattern to be put inside the main playlist.

Right click on one of your channel and use “piano roll”, you’ll see an interface such as this one.

You’ll be using that to write your melody, the higher you setup your note on the y-axis, the higher the pitch will be, the x-axis will be used to setup the length/time of your melody.

Doing a simple melody as such:

When correctly setup into the playlist, will give that sort of result (the timing is not very good, sorry about that !):


The advantage with this kind of pattern is that we could easily modify it to another instrument, create a multiple track simply by copying and pasting it and so on. For example, here I did setup a grand piano and duplicated the track to set a “Dream bell” effect as a double track with a lower volume.

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