#79 – Motivational post about social interraction

Hi everyone!

I’ve just shown my “intermediate” project at a jury today. It was really hard for me to overcome that stress and trying to get my words right. However, I’ll tell you just one thing: architecture is a really cruel domain of study. Yeah, I know, I’ve come so far to tell you that. But come on, I was hit so hard today… HOWEVER, I’ve learned a lot of things today about how to speak correctly and so on. So, I’ll give you some tips from a shy guy who has a lot of difficulties with his speech.

  • Work hard and you will feel less hurt: even if people said you are a looser or destroy you, you will be a winner if you feel like you have done your best.


  • Don’t let the negative critics hurt you: negative critics (but constructive ones) are useful to get better and this IS an opportunity to get better. Go ask that person who tramples you on about what they mean, and get better.


  • Don’t fucking care about unconstructive critics: if they take you like an idiot, just take them like idiots by ignoring them. The real thing that matters in this life is to get the critics that can be useful for you, the other things that drag you in the mud are not necessary.


  • Don’t be too hard on yourself: if you have done your best, be considerate of you. There are plenty of assholes on this planet that will make bad critics about you, you don’t need to be one of them.


  • Be humble: put your ego in check EVERYTIME. Even when you are proud of yourself, don’t get ahead of yourself. Modesty is a virtue and will make you more reliable.


  • Be respectful to those who critics you: take the time to say “thank you” even if they are assholes because you are more respectful than those guys, don’t drag you down to their low level of humanity.


  • Be kind to yourself and the others: protect the values you care about. In my case, I don’t like when people are hurt so I want to protect them because I don’t want to see people to feel bad like me. If they said they don’t need it: well… It is just me. I don’t do it for them, I do it because it is my value and my sense of justice. They can just ignore it, I am just doing what I felt right.


  • Think about consequences: when you try to talk about something, you need to think about the consequences of what you said. Even if you meant to be kind, you can possibly hurt someone in the future. So yeah, sometimes, to be a bad guy is a way to be kind.


  • Don’t give a shit about their behaviors, do it for YOURSELF: really important. You are not working for them. They can say whatever they want, make your stuff, and f*ck them off. Do it for what you care about. Assholes are assholes. Kind persons are kind persons. You are making so many efforts for yourself to be who you are, so if they want to be idiots and assholes, just let them be and stay away from them. If they are kind to you, keep them safe, Your only goal is to be better than your past self.


  • Every meeting is a lesson: you can learn from everything and everyone, even from assholes. If you are a good and kind person, you don’t have to fear anything. Just forget to be wary of the others, just learn from whoever they are.

So yeah, it can be a bit obvious, but it is really hard to apply these rules. It is not impossible though.
Be kind, good, respectful and a hard-worker. Everything else is just unnecessary.
Stay awesome, because I know you are!

See you later guys!

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