#86 | agt02 – Falco (Melee)

Only one month left before we’ll get a glimpse of the new Smash game at E3 2018. Today I’ll talk about neutral game related to Falco on Melee, since it is pretty much my main (with Marth) and it is the game I currently play. I’ll probably get back to Smash 4 or continue tryharding on melee once I’ll know which kind of gameplay the new game will have, since there are rumors that the game could be a mix of gameplay between the two games.


  • Jab: The jab of Falco is pretty good and can even lead to some combo at high percents. Jab to bair or jab to f-smash is possible.
  • F-tilt: This attack is fairly good, fast, have good range and could lead to an edgeguard. I feel like this move could be underestimated since it doesn’t have any kill power.
  • U-tilt: Very good move, could be used after a dair for easy combos, u-tilt to bair, u-tilt to dair, u-tilt>shine>bair and so on.
  • D-tilt: Has killing power at high percent, can lead to combo at low percent. It can even combo into itself.
  • F-smash: Best killing move of falco apart from its dair, can kill pertty early.
  • D-smash: Good move when you’re near the edge. It is probably faster than f-smash but has less killing power.
  • U-smash: Good anti air move, can also lead to interesting thing early and on platforms
  • Uair: Good move, not as good as Fox’s but still ok
  • Bair: Really good move in neutral, with L-cancel it is pretty hard to punish it
  • Fair: Random good combos can happen with that, it can also be used to send the opponent off-stage. In general if you can move another move, do it
  • Dair: Falco’s bread and butter. Pillar combos are based on dair.
  • Nair: Strong combo game
  • Neutral B: Gives a really good neutral game to Falco since it can interreupt people, lead to frame trap. Laser grab is fairly strong, laser can combo into other moves as well. You should always do laser while landing.
  • Side B: Good recovery move, should be used fast so you don’t get punished.
  • Up B: Not that great but it is the only vertical recovery Falco has.
  • Down B: Shine is one of the best move of Falco along with its dair.


Neutral game

The neutral should be started using Lasers, there are various setup to do it. On stage you could simply short hop fast fall laser. When you’re on a tri-platform stage and you’re on one of the platform, you can short hop double laser (landing on the ground) or full hop double laser (landing on the top platform). You can also full hop laser to land on the top platform directly. Lasers can be used from the edge (drop down, double jump, double laser) but I head it is a bad habit most Falco players have and that it can be punished.

When the enemy approach, bair or utilt are good options to intercept people. When you want to get offensive, you could go for lasers again, bair or dair. Dair on shield could be pretty safe when chained with a shine.

At low percent you can easily combo people so you could go for some crouch cancel dtilt for example, or crouch cancel shine.

Out of shield, I think utilt or shine are the best options, since it would launch the opponent up, meaning an easy combo for falco with either bair or dair.

Learning to multishine or waveshine is pretty important to keep the pressure on the opponent shield.

Combo game

Falco combo structures are pretty easy. Lasers are always a good starter and can lead to anything. Dair, shine and utilt are strong combo openers as well.

Once the opponent are send upside, you can either nair, dair, aerial shine or bair. In general, if you can setup nair it could lead to some combo extensions.

Waveshine to land on stage is fairly important as well, since it is a free move which will allow you to extend your combo by going on another stage.

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