#94 | agt03 – Range in multiplayer games

Hi everybody, today I’ll do a quick article to talk about range in multiplayer games. How you can use it in your advantage and use it to be able to get the upper hand on your opponents when playing in co-op.


General Idea

You probably know that in most games, units will have range, either by using an auto-attack, a skill, a move or something else. Generally you want to maximize your range since every unit doesn’t have the same range, so if you are an archer versus a swordman for example, you’ll hit and run. If you have a sword and have better range, you’ll space your moves. If you play a 3 or more points piece in Chess, you’ll try to cover position to take advantage.

In multiplayer this concept often gets forgotten or will be used by people as they use it in solo mode.


Practical example

In Starcraft II, some years ago, a French player got into the spotlight of the international competitive scene by having a particular game style. He played Zerg and people couldn’t understand how he got the advantage in some fights that could be deemed equal.


  • Choke points: Chokes are area in the map that gets narrower. Usually you could even block it to force units to go through a small area (here in the lower side of that Gate. The idea is that, if an army wants to get through that choke, you’ll be able to position multiple ranged units to have more area of attack, since they’ll be all blocked inside a restricted area. Imagine one circle in the middle of the choke, the defender will be able to make an outside circle, able to attack the outer border of the inner circle, while the units at the center of the choke won’t have the range to strike.


  • Stephano (French player) micro strategy: Stephano took the concept of the choke point and applied it in a general way, he wouldn’t just click to attack with all of its army, but would spread it and try to make a curve, like a concave shape. By taking a concave shape and the enemy having a convex shape, you’ll have more chance to attack your opponent.


  • Blink stalker micro: Another example of playing with range is the usage of the Stalker unit from the Protoss race. That unit have the ability to teleport in short distance, microing blink means blinking backward when attacking with an army of stalker, only on one unit when that units gets slow. Meaning that the unit getting focused won’t be reachable due to the range of your opponent, the opponent army will focus another target and your blinked Stalker will get back into the army.


Applying that to other games.

You can imagine it getting applied to other games by always trying to have the more range area at a time on your opponent, meaning that of you’re playing a two versus two game, try to make an “isosceles triangle” with your opponent by playing with your ally. Try to get to the max range of each of your character and try to get at the max distance of your range while the other opponent will be able to reach either neither of you or only one. Giving you an effective advantage.


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