#98 – Trying new ways to accomplish things + Meshing categories

Hi, I’ll do a quick article, which is more of a thought process rather than something I did. I’ve been thinking for some time about ways I could be able to learn stuff. As you probably saw, I started a few categories and I never got far in them, except maybe for the 3D aspect (I’m thinking about my first article, about programming with Blender) and for the binary exploitation category, which lead me to learn a little bit about the heap and its exploitation.

How can I get things done and do stuff?

The answer I found is pretty simple but I never liked it, because I never like to not do things fully. I think I should adopt a more iterative way of learning rather than that perfectionist approach I have. I had this debate with Chu and that’s something we both have difficulty with in my opinion. We want to be able to release something interesting but we need to keep the rhythm of an article every two days for this blog, adding to that the time required to either do your job or do stuff for your studies.

Anyway, I still think we should keep that rhythm of article releases, because it will force us in the long time to plan things a little bit in advance, try to do stuff and so on. However, I might change some things about the way I fundamentally learn stuff. I think I’ll try to learn something unique little by little, maybe work on that thing for a long time rather than try to do articles with one complete project as I did on my first article or on some stuff I did for my binary exploitation series. My former way of getting thing done had some advantages, but if I want to learn something a little bit more consistent it’s hard to produce something really interesting in two (generally less) days.

What I’ll do from now on (only on some categories) is work by iteration. Try to do something ugly and get it prettier every time, either by re-doing it completely or adjusting it.


Meshing categories

Since there’s so much things I want to learn and I know at a basic level, I thought I could also mesh some categories.

Imagine an article where I would capture a real video, edit it to add tracking, insert a programmed 3D object inside it with some real information, for example data about security of surrounding WiFi access points:

  • Video Cinematography
  • Video Editing
  • 3D modeling
  • Programming
  • Security
  • Geospatial data

That’s something I could definitely do right now with what I learned through this blog but I never did because categories are generally often too strict. I might not do something that extended with that much categories but I think merging categories would be a good idea, which would yield some original stuff only I could do.

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