#99 | arc18 – Sunpath diagram on the architecture model

Hi guys,

A short post (urgh) about these two endless days. I’ve finally been able to put a Sunpath diagram and learn how to generate a real-time shadow depending on the local time and localization. I used Ladybug plug-in since it is a loss of time to make a tool that is already existed for that kind of stuff, and I just tried to understand how to convert it to Mars “time”. So yeah, it is not perfect, but here it is. I just need to add some more structure, and perfecting the public space of the dome and then, it would be enough for Rhinoceros and Grasshopper for the month. After that, I just need to photoshop the views and work on the perception of the interior space of the dome. It would be nice if I can print everything in 3D too for the end of the week. Oh, and of course, working on the presentation for the jury… GOSH, a lot of works and stress.

fig.01 – The sunpath diagram, the grid and the height of the structure is drawn in red. You can see the shadow on the ground and move the “trees” to minimize their impact.
fig.02 – Bad quality rendered view of the perspective. Of course, the dome slab needs to be modified a little bit with height and curvature of the ground to simulate Earth field and vegetation hills. But heh, not bad for now, isn’t it?

What did I learn?

  • Sunpath diagram used for localization and time.
  • Ladybug nodes and their uses.
  • Hydra library.
  • Making a shadow
  • Connecting the meshes and using preview to reduce the amount of render.
  • Making a sun analyzing system depending on the sun-path.

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