#101 | arc19 – Dome facet

Hi everyone,

I am really excited to be able to find a way to make a new kind of parametric dome. In fact, with this new part of the structure, I will be able to modify the size of the cells and the light that will enter the dome. Actually, I am working on the slab, trying to integrate topography into the environment and making a more organic “inside” landscape.
By the way, yesterday was our 100th post, it was so exciting to see our blog growing at a regular pace. It is almost the second quarter of the year and I am looking forward the end of 2018 to see how far we have made it. It would be really nice to resume everything afterward. Gosh, we can slowly see the results of what we have done so far ♪

Today, I won’t explain much about how I proceed, in fact, it was quite simple. This time, I haven’t used Voronoi but a dome facet. With this kind of process, I was able to change the thickness of the dome and the size of the cells… Even changing the shapes into something a lot more “organic” for the eyes. Plus, even if it takes a bit more nodes, the process for the rendering is a bit faster since the CPU doesn’t need to apply some kind of texture or using intersection between 3D components.

fig.01 – The nodes in the script are a bit more organized, less volatile and the rendering took a bit less of time.
fig.02 – It gives a better organic, futuristic feeling, and the thickness of the dome make the project more realistic. In fact, the cells could hold ice for the transparency of the dome.

There still a lot of work to do, but I think I can slowly see the end of this never-finishing project… Gosh, I need some sleep too. These things motivated me so much that I forgot to take naps.

What did I learn?

  • Optimization of the cells via facet dome.
  • Learning a new rendering method.
  • Compacting the code.

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