#113 | arc21 – Parametric code & architectural program

Hi guys,

I finished the code, it takes more time than I’ve expected. There is still a lot to think about, but er… A short post on how it looks like.In the top-right of the picture are the previews and all the parameters of the generic habitat composed of three parts: the Trees-habitat (Canopy), the slab, and the dome. All these parts can be 3D printed by regolith soil and ice. Supports can be created depending on the print process and the software that will calculate the right angle to put the supports.

The Trees-structure are super-structure that can:
– Be placed depending on the shadows cast by the sun position in the sky.
– Grow depending on a focus of light on a specific point on the grid.
– If a Tree-structure is tall, the meshes will be wider to be able to let light passing through its branches.
– All the structure can support habitat for 6 persons and is composed by 3 stories-level.

The Slab is composed of 3 parts:
– The Hills on which will grow the Trees-Structure are in the center and are connected to the “Discworld” by Voronoi gateways.
– The Voronoi gateways lead to the Discworld, a place where you can grow plants and make agriculture.
– The “Foundation” is under the Discworld, you access to this part by walking down the Hills.

The “Foundation” is built inside a regolith printed-story composed by:
– the ECLSS part for water, air, energy and waste management. It can purify the water from the “Discworld”.
– The “Warehouse” for food & supply storage.
– The airlocks for 4 entrances at the four cardinal points of the dome.

The Dome is incredibly tall, but the low-gravity on Mars and the support can ease the making process.
– The dome is composed by an exoskeleton by regolith, making a long distance dome is possible that way.
– The cells can be widened depending on the light passing through the sun.
– Ice covered the Dome and provide radiation protection.

Of course, I will show you everything at the end of this month.

What did I learn?

  • Cluster, group and associating nodes.
  • Hiding or fading the wires.
  • Export .3dm to .dwg and work on blueprints.
  • Make a section of the dome and export.

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