#115 | arc22 – Take a break & Image sampler with MOLA@NASA

Hi guys.

I need some motivational poweeeeer. Okay, it is a bit exaggerated. In fact, I’ve seen some projects and it is just amazing how the presentations are smooths and beautiful. It is a bit hard to not compare your work to these guys. But well, let’s try my best with my own “superpowers”: I’ve put 5 rules to myself (self-learning rules for this year):

1) Think for yourself (if you can’t think by your own, you don’t need your brain).
2) Learn every day (hello there).
3) Know your value (because being arrogant is really the last thing you want to be, trust me. And underestimating yourself even more, because if you can’t trust yourself, you will feel like a garbage in the middle of a grey world. Well, I’ve lived with these kind of thoughts quite a lot of time. I am fed up with these kinds of negative attitude and I want to change, even if it is really hard. All lives matter, and mine too).
4) Respect your own advice (if you can advise someone like a wise wizard, then just follow your own advice or your words will be empty of sense. I’ve met a lot of people giving good tips but never following them. That doesn’t make any sense.).
5) Don’t let Time to control you (Take your time! Really important to me, I’ve seen a lot of people rushing in the metro, to go to work or whatever, but if you decide to just not be late, you won’t need to rush. So the idea is this one: if you don’t want to be controlled by your schedule, you need to control yourself. That way, Time won’t be a constraint anymore).
#bonus: Don’t hesitate to say “F*CK YOU” (Because sometimes people are assholes and everything is not always “grey” but also “white” and “black”. In fact, life is not just three shades of tonality, but a lot more. So if there is something too black and too ugly for your life, just move on).

But well, it is my own rules, it can’t work on you because you are different. You need your own rules too if you want to be able to frame your mind. I think it is really interesting to get into that kind of process to be able to minimize your stress and depression. And I think that if you look at it like an issue, you just need to try to solve it by deconstructing it into small issues and fix them step by step.

Oh by the way, I’ve been able to talk to Tristan Bassinghwaighte! I mean the Ph.D. architect guy who was in Hi-Seas IV mission for the University of Hawaii (and with collaboration with the NASA). He is a really nice person and we talk quite a lot of stuff about space architect job, light qualities in a habitat, etc. He is really awesome and his advices are gold.

all this stuff to say, I’ve tried to convert an image to a topography.
In my previous #bonus, don’t hesitate to say “f*ck you”, I’ve talked about the shade of greys (not the movie), and it is with this thing that I’ve done the topography map of Mars. What the heck am I talking about? Well, image sampler.

In grasshopper, the real deal is that you can import images with grey shades into your model. Black part is correlated to “0” value and white with “1” value. Between them is the shades. So, when you import your image into grasshopper, you can take for example the Mars Orbital Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Map to get the topography of the planet.
Then, you just need to use divide the surface into points to be able to change the z units (height) of your points and patch them to get a topography surface. You can divide this surface into contours to get layers and it will also help for the lasercut process.

Here it is:

credit: @NASA
Fig.02 – You can change a color picture to a b&w one by using the setting. More contrast in the grey shades is better to be able to have a good visualisation of the height (but well, you can also make a parameter of that).

What did I learn?

  • Image sampler, topography stuff, etc.
  • Meditating a bit on my life-rules.
  • MOLA stuff from the NASA.
  • Lasercut basics,

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