#116 | agt04 – General techniques in a 1v1 sniper duel (Overwatch)

Hi, today I’ll talk about some general techniques in a sniper duel in shooting games, more specifically on Overwatch with Widowmaker. Since teams will generally have only one sniper, it is important to grasp this aspect of the game since winning the duel will create a lot of space for you to kill other players.



The most basic movement option is to use strafing, strafing basically is going in a perpendicular motion to the line between you and your opponent. Doing so will make the shooting a lot harder since your head will travel the farthest for your opponent in your shortest option. It is important to keep the most random movement if possible, if you keep doing left then right with the same timing, an opponent could just wait to see where you’re going to be then clic when he’ll think you’ll come back into his sight.



Another aspect in a sniper duel is using your crouch to mix-up your head position. Doing so will either force the opponent to hit low and potentially do a body shot rather than a head shot, or miss your head completely. Widowmakers generally have three habits on crouching, crouching after hitting a scoped shot (the most common one), crouching before clicking and crouching when shooting (which means you’ll try to hit a little bit above the head, which is the reason it should be the least common option).

Widowmaker players won’t generally mix-up their crouching option so when playing in a sniper duel, you should keep attention on your opponent to see which kind of “croucher” he is.


Jumping and grappling hook

Jumping perpendicular to an opponent to scope a shot is a good option as long as you have the position on your opponent and he doesn’t, if he knows where you are, hitting an opponent with a linear movement such as jumping could be easy depending on his reaction time. Use it as a mix-up if you’re in a corner and want to peak out but be careful. The grappling hook has the same issue, if your opponent knows where you are, it could be easy to hit you (since you’ll slow down before going down and be an easy target which won’t be able to hide).


General idea in a match before going into the duel

The main thing you should keep in mind in a duel is that, if you know the position of the opponent’s sniper and they don’t know who you are, you are in an advantaged state. You should always keep track of where the sniper is. That factor is probably more important than the duel itself, since hitting an opponent which doesn’t know he is being targeted is a thousand times easier than hitting an opponent strafing and crouching.

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