#124 | gtr00 – Researching the perfect fit for new guitar strings

Hi everybody, today I’ll talk about music, once again but more specifically guitar, so I’ll create a new category. I’ve had a guitar for a long time and I didn’t put enough time to learn it, so maybe adding a new category could lead me to learn and perfect that instrument. Right now I’ll focus on Acoustic/Folk guitar and I generally want to have a good fingerstyle technique, but I’m starting to learn strumming.


Choosing your strings

To get back to guitar, I just ordered some strings for my acoustic guitar since the old ones were starting to get rusty. I ordered “extra light” strings, which would make fingerstyle easier to play but strumming sound a little bit weaker. If you want to strum with a good traveling sound, you should buy “medium” strings. I might switch to “light-medium” when I’ll get used to these strings since I want to be able to play the two styles. Right now the volume is not too important for me since I’m currently in an apartment and I don’t want to play too loud anyway.

Heavier strings will give a better bass, while lighter strings will produce a better treble sound.

The strings I chose right now is “Ernie Ball’s Earthwood Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings”.


Changing strings on your guitar

A general advice is too change strings two by two, to avoid removing the stress too much. When rewinding the string, you should try to make it come from the hole at the head of your guitar to the bottom to almost touch the head itself or until you think you have enough tension.

When you’ll have to remove the bridge pins at the bottom of your guitar, I found using two chop sticks is pretty successful. I didn’t have any pliers at hand.

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