#125 | arc24 – Reducing meshes in rhino for .skp export

Hi guys,

A short post for tonight. In one week, I will have to present it in front of the jury. Guess what? I am totally lost. I know what to say but it is really confusing to show my work somewhere I have never been ever. It is… Weird. Well, I guess it is important to try to be out of my comfort zone. I don’t know what I am expecting, but I really hope to be able to show what I’ve really worked hard for.

It is a little tipĀ I understand the other day that could be quite handy in some situation. For example, reducing mesh makes the export of the object less difficult and quicker. Some details are not useful in some case, for example, if you just need to work on the blueprint or if you want to change the accuracy of the entire model in something less complex.
First of all, grasshopper use two nodes that can be used for the “bake” purpose: the right-click > bake is the basic one. I prefer to use the preview node though, it can be more useful to get a clean-up model with a “swatch”/color change of your 3d object. It can be used for the preview of the rendering process. When you baked the object the options of the baking are shown in the box: you can decide to bake all the parts into one group or separately it can be quite useful if you want to 3d print different detail of your work for example.
When the baking is completed, you can use the _reducemesh function of Rhinoceros to simplify the overall meshes.
Exporting to .skp will be a lot less laggy and quicker.

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