#138 – How to chain VPNs

Hi, today a really quick article about how to chain multiple VPNs, as it could always be useful (for anonymity reason, or because you can’t access another vpn host directly).

Chaining through a virtual machine

This one is really easy, all you have to do is setup a VPN on your host machine then connect a virtual machine (for example using Virtualbox or VMWare) to that network and setup a VPN inside your virtual machine.

This method has the advantage of using a completely new machine for anonymity purposes.


Creating custom routes

Another method is simply to use the “route” command to change your network routes, adding a special route to your first VPN to tun0, then all the other to tun1 for example.

This answer gives an example of how to do that.



Some VPN services offer this possibility directly, such as NordVPN or IVPN. However, this service might be blocked to some special routes (from what I read, NordVPN can only route double-vpn through Austria and The Netherlands).

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