#145 | bio01 – Taking a sample from a Eschevaria and how to dye it with blue methylene

Hi guys,

Today, let’s talk about how to take a sample from an Eschevaria and how to observe it. It takes quite some time to write an article, and since it’s hard for me to write something in the plane, I’ll try to make some during the travel.


Before the flight, I had the opportunity to take a sample of one of my plant and observe the cells. But to do it, I needed to follow some steps for the observation of the microscope:

1) the first step is to cut small pieces and then using a thin layer of a leaf for the song process.

2) Step 2: the idea is to get a layer of glass and a small square of glass cover. With a pipe, gently put a drop of blue methylene on the layer of glass with a pipe.

  1. 3) With a precision pincer, take the sample of Eschevaria and lie it down on the methylene. Wait some time before absorbing the excess of blue with a piece of absorbant papier.

4) gently put a drop of water with a clean pipe on the sample and then use a square piece of glass and slowly lie it on topic with the pincer: water needs to cover the entire screen without air bubbles.

5) remove the excess of water with absorbant paper.

6) Observe the cells with the microscope.

I’ll probably modify this article when I’ll get some time. The cells are quite beautiful to observe. But for more details, see you later guys!

Thanks for the reading!

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