#147 – Finland and learning some new social interaction

Hi guys,

I am actually in Finland to take a little break from all these stress. I have literally been broken during the travel because I couldn’t handle all the pressure. So I learn some new important stuff in social interaction.

Finland is actually a very beautiful country with a perfect summer temperature compared to France or Belgium. The fresh air is literally better than our cities. Forests are parts of the landscape like rocks beaches embracing the large dress of water. Sky is cloudy like pieces of cotton floating in group but can be sometimes clear of any of them. When the night comes, the color change in a beautiful purple and orange, making everything like a painting.

People in Finland are kinda stoic and don’t really appreciate physical contact even in a couple. However, they are actually really opened to discussion and are very friendly. The country is not a part of Scandinavian countries, but you need to learn Swedish, Finnish and a bit English in order to leave in Finland. The main dish is fresh seafood since they live near the sea, and they tend to enjoy going outside to natural places. In fact, every corner in Finland have different natural places, the buildings in the cities are 6 level stories maximum to be able to blend in the landscape.

Apparently, the old buildings in Helsinki center are inspired by antic greeks with Ionic and Corinthians columns for the cultural sites like “Helsingin Yliopisto” that literally means: “University of Helsinki”, or even the library. The church of judgment is constructed in a neoclassical architecture order defined by white walls, a few decorations inside but a good use of golden in lighting decoration. The plan is in a Greek cross shape like the old church, symbolizing the Jesus and the connection of mean with the Trinity. It was designed by Carl Ludwig Engel. In this case, the church of judgment is a Lutheran Church and 80% of the population choose this religion.

I have put a lot of control over me. And I honestly don’t even know why I am breaking apart sometimes, but what I know is that I really like to help people and discover, understanding, knowledge sharing few moments with people I care about. What I learned today is the lack of real social interaction in real life in my friendship. It would be like years I haven’t really be on my own with friends for a couple of days without GF or any kind of love interest and just… The basis of social interaction. It is really weird the basics like: stop controlling yourself, tell them when something is annoyed you, or even, tell them when something is wrong. But honestly, the real challenges in this kind of relationship is to try to not think about every acts and word are going to end what you are trying to build. Chilling is not a part of my dictionary when we talk about socializing, but I am in the middle of learning and it will take maybe some more time to be at ease with it.

Socializing is not simple when four people discuss together in the first meeting, they are literally trying to understand how people work together for the first time. Since everyone has a different social pace and pattern, it is really hard to please everyone. Sometimes, you need to be aside and let people discuss together. Sometimes, empty spaces are needed, and sometimes you need to speak clearly what you have in mind without confusing people. You can silence yourself but it is hard to try to understand you when you are in the mute “mode”. So mainly, when words can’t express the thoughts, communication needs to find its way through gestures, motions, or even mimics.

It is also really important to put aside “intelligence”, “politics” or any other risky discussion, influences your real you. People don’t want to think of you like intellectual or whatever, they don’t care about it. In fact, what is really important is talking about yourself and be interested in other people. Not by forcing your curiosity but by learning to be really curious.

And yeah, this article might be a bit personal and awkward, sorry if it makes you felt weird about it but I think that this article could possibly help someone in the same case of me. And to be honest, the experience is a way to learn better.

See you soon guys, and take care.

Thank you for the reading!

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