#149 – Finland: urban planning and some functions of Helsinki

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late article, I was trying to get some WiFi during the travel. Today, I will talk about Finland again.

What is really interesting with this country is how you can live with so much opportunities in Finland. It is still hard to know everything about this country but with a good guide, you can actually understand a lot about Helsinki.

For example, you should know that the city is really well deserved and well planned. To preserve the landscape, most of the forest part is conserved. The trees are important in the urban planning to cool down the streets in summer. From upon, you can observe how the city is actually structured, in small open urban islands and inside of them, green spaces purpose is to connect the habitat buildings together and make a social place.

Residential function is usually disconnected to the workplace because in the older years, Helsinki was designed for cars however, after that, the city try to connect different places like Espoo (the limit of the city) and make a polycenters city. By changing the connections; the metro, busses, and trains, become more useful than cars, reducing pollution. The trashes like bottle plastics and tin cans are recycled in shop, that will give you money in exchange of a receipt ticket.

If I describe the natural environment of Helsinki, I would use the words islands, water, forest and rocks. Finland is still a mystery for me, but the country is really beautiful and I’m quite enjoying to understand it more.

Thank you for the readings!

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