#153 | ast06 – Ursae Planisphere

Hi guys,

Today, let’s talk about this little portable stars map used to check the main constellations in the sky: the Planisphere. In Helsinki, I have got the luck to be able to visit an old observatory with very old astronomy tools. However, even if I haven’t got the chance to get one of these beauties, I had the chance to obtain a planisphere.

It is quite easy to use this star map since it is really intuitive. First thing you need to know is the day and the hour of your observation view. For example, in our case, for the 17 July at 9:03pm, you need to align the disk the two disks to fit together for this period.

Depending on the time and schedule, the sky will fit accordingly. In this case, the northern sky looks like this one tonight. The blue web pattern is designed to show the 30° of latitude in the sky (the northern star is placed at 90° from the horizon).

This Planisphere is not really precise, but it is quite useful to be able to find constellations manually and learn the position of the stars in the night sky. In my case, I will probably learn Finnish to understand some words… ????

See you soon guys, and thank you for the reading! You are awesome!

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