#154 – Continuation on Apache Tapestry

Hi, today I’ll continue a little bit my exploration about Apache Tapestry. Here’s what I learned today.

General architecture of Tapestry

Tapestry presents itself as a way to code with an object oriented-programming web applications. It means that when you setup a “page” in tapestry, you won’t have to think in terms of requests, parameters and so on as you would do normally, but rather, you would create an object and a template.


Templating system

Tapestry uses its own templating markup language with extensions in tml. Inside tml, it is very similar to HTML documents and if you want to setup dynamic content, it will done using “${variable}”.


General feeling about the project

Right now I’m trying to focus my research on finding a vulnerability in the framework itself, as there seems to be a lot of files that haven’t been updated for a long period, some files could be 7 years old. If the general infrastructure of the project hasn’t changed in that long, there ought to be vulnerabilities.

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