#155 | art00 – The Idea and the Meaning

Hi guys!

I am in a phase of resting/sleeping, and thinking… And to be honest, it is great to be able to take some time for yourself. I have run out of motivation and ideas lately since the end of the presentation, almost as if I have put all my strength on it… And you know what? I pass my exams in France!! Well, I am not satisfied with everything but I have worked hard on it.

Today, I want to talk about some concept art I had in mind for a while. In 7 months, I have only drawn one think that I liked: lunar tears flowers. It is not enough. My skills are going to be rusty and with my thumb, I can not do anything until the end of the week. So, to not bore myself, I decided to think about an old project.

All begins with a single question: how do they draw star maps?

I was always fascinated by all these stars for a long time. What I would really love to make one day, is the same map in the Treasure Planet from Disney (one of my favorite movies by the way). But, I can’t afford to make a holographic map of something for now: I need time, money, some knowledge. But what I could possibly do with what I already got, is my knowledge on several unused matters on art.

I don’t want to make something fancy, or expensive. The idea is to share a concept through a low-tech way, the meaning of it would be to tell: “we are in the beginning of space exploration and we know nothing. There is so much to learn to be able to travel through the stars!! Actually, our technology is not enough, but we are growing fast, and this dream is not a fiction anymore, but a realistic Utopia for the next centuries”.

My art idea would be do freeze the stars in cubic pixels. I won’t explain more for now, since the idea is still in work in process in my head. However, it will be a translation of a star map from an artistic perspective by using right ascension and declination coordinates from the stars (#85 | ast01).

I am still experimenting the materials in my mind, and in the end, there is a great chance I will need to learn metallurgy and wood sculpting. These skills will be useful if I want to make solid stuff… By the way, I have already experiment some “spatial sculpting” a few years ago with only one string and 24 pins symbolizing the hyperconnexion of our society and the star maps of my universe. So, I have some experience on the sculpting matter.

This post is a bit cryptic, but it is a part of the process when you want to make an art. I wanted to make a real project out of it, so I was thinking that it wasn’t a bad idea to make a new category for future projects.

It is great to be able to share my thoughts with you. I also hope you will be able to build or draw what you want.

Stay awesome guys and thank you for the reading!

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