#159 | ck00 – The delicious curry and tonkatsu recipe

A new category for “cooking”. I love to make some new delicious stuff even if I don’t have the time for that. What I really like about cooking is the fact that the dishes can be really good with very basic ingredients. In the other hand, you can screw the dish of you don’t take it seriously. Of course, there is also the fact that you know you are the one who makes the mistake if something goes wrong.

For the perfect curry and tonkatsu, I have experimented several times with Bach and alone for the tonkatsu. There are still a lot of improvement to make because being better at cooking means to experiment a lot more… However, here is what you need to make this dish:

– Perfume rice

– Big potatoes (5)

– Big carrots (4-5)

– Onions (2)

– Golden curry (6 little cubes)

– Water (1l or about 55% of a big casserole)

– Tender meat Pork (without bones is easier for the cutting)

– Salt and black pepper

– Vegetal oil (for the fry process of the tonkatsu)

– Eggs (8 or more depending of your needs)

– Panko (it depends on how many tonkatsu you want. For 6, one full little package)

– Cheese (mozzarella, recommended grated, but sliced is good too)

– Flour with yeast (3 big soup spoons)

The quantities depends on what you need, so, it is not really relevant to give exact units. For this post, I will use the best quantities for 4 persons (but Bach and I eat for two or three normal persons so… Yeah. You really need to test by yourself).

— Step 00- The rice

0) depending on how many persons you will be, you will need to cook accordingly. In any case, use twice the quantity of rice when you pour the water. Don’t forget to wash the rice twice or more until the water will be clear enough.

— Step 01- The soup

1) preheat the casserole at the maximum.

2) gently peeled the onions (if you are too aggressive, you will cry. No joke) and slice them before putting them on the casserole. You just need to make them turn translucent.

3) put slowly the water in the casserole and wait the boiling point. Onions flavor will not be strong but it is useful to get the sweetness of the soup.

4) at the same time, peeled the potatoes and the carrots before cutting them in small cubes. After that, put them all in the casserole.

5) the soup will be ready when the potatoes will be soft enough (just take one of the cube and try to gently squeeze it).

— Step 02- The meat

6) while you are waiting for the soup, slice the pork (or if it is already done, go to the next step)

7) be sure the slices are big enough to partially cut them in half like a sandwich. You can put some mozzarella between the slices and close them.

8) at that point, you need to flavour the meet. Use salt and black pepper at your convenience. Then, let the meat rest a bit. When you will wait for the soup and the slices of meat, you can prepare the next step of the tonkatsu.

— Step 03- The coating

9) separate yellow eggs from the white, then carefully beat them. The eggs will be used to coat the meat with Panko.

10) prepare the flour with yeast and the Panko in different plates.

11) take the slices of meat and roll them in the flour, make sure to entirely cover the slices. Then, plunge the slices in the eggs.

12) roll the slices in the Panko once before cover them in eggs again, then Panko again.

— Final step- Tonkatsu & Curry

13) put the little cubes of curry in the soup, make sure the potatoes and carrots are soft enough. Don’t forget to stir the sauce slowly to not burn the bottom of the casserole.

14) fry the tonkatsu by plunging them in the Vegetal oil. When you take them out, check the inside by cutting a little part of the meat. It doesn’t need to be entirely cooked because the heat will do the rest, but make sure it is still cooked if you don’t want to eat raw meat like a dinosaur.

15) take the rice out and serve them first on plates or bowls, put the curry on it and the tonkatsu near them.

— Enjoying your success or failure

Bon app├ętit !!!

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