#161 – build a model on the Echo

Hi guys,

A short post on domotic. I was curious about how you could possibly build an app with the Amazon Alexa so I take a look at the developer side of the software. There is quite a lot of possibilities on what you could do with it but I will first talk about how you can possibly build a model.

The model is working with really simple parts: invocation name, intention, utterance with slots, .json script and export model. I didn’t try to code something yet since I don’t have my computer at hand.

Invocation name is the activation words of the voice command. Intention is the function of your command, for example, “read a book”, “a place to go”, etc. These function will be defined in the .json script by {nameofthecommand}. The utterance is the different voice activation sentences of your command, for example: “how hot is it today?” and “what is the temperature Celsius outside?” are two different questions for a same command. And finally the transcription of the definitions in code.

I imagine it is quite easy for a code to work on it, and it is just a “fun” thing to do for several minutes when you already know how it works; but well, for beginners like me, it is always interesting to understand more about it.

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