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Hi guys!

It will be quite a while since I haven’t talked about architecture in this category. However, it will be a short post, I am still trying to improve my master thesis and I just want some chilling time. My professors recently send me (at the same time) an international challenge that is quite interesting but really at another level for me. Indeed, it doesn’t mean I will ignore it, in fact, I am wondering if I won’t try to apply with my project. I know it is quite absurd at my level, but it won’t hurt me to try. The real deal will be to look professional even if I will do the work of a team… It means I¬†really need to be prepared for all the skills of an entire team behind the project… AND I AM NOT. Ok, I am putting a lot of pressure on myself but like I said before, I wanted to do this kind of challenge for a long time. And of course, I have looked for “Jacques Rougerie foundation” challenge about making a “lunar base village” a few days ago. But well, I will take my time for now.

Newspace2060 is a challenge in collaboration with Moon Village Association, the goal is to propose new solutions for the creation of a new ecosystem on the moon. The concerned persons for this challenge are scientists, entrepreneur or startup, but I guess individuals have also their chance to apply. This challenge was launched at 18 June 2018 at UNISPACE50+ and if I understand well, it is a 50 years organization for exploration and peaceful uses of technology course in outer space that can benefit the humankind (UNOOSA, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs). Yeah, I know big names and stuff.

I haven’t read everything in details yet, but with a quick look, it seems that there are 6 entries for the competition:
A) Moon Village Architectural Concept and Issues (mainly solutions for technical issues like radiation protection, … And the interactions¬†with human factors)
B) Moon Village Standards (Systems and prospective standards for the management of the base)
C) Human Factors (Well, possibly interesting for all the social and psychological stuff)
D) Moon Markets- Mission and Economics (Probably all the budget management for the export/import to the moon, materials, etc)
E) Mission and Markets Requirement Data (Data management and decision makers for the mission)
F) Moon Village Critical Services (Communication, navigation, etc.)

The criteria for the jury will be:
The originality, the presentation and the impact, contribution to the Moon Markets and Moon Village.

It looks like the competition is already launched since 18 June 2018 and will end the 30 September. And there will like three rounds for the “pitch” competition with a 3 minutes idea developing.

Thanks for the reading and see ya!

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