#175 – Perseids shower and Saint-Elmo’s Fires

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You should probably know, Bach will be at the Defcon this week so let’s hope everything will be fine. The free-Wifi at Vegas will probably be a hotspot for hackers and a dangerous place to connect. I am sure it will be a hardcore challenge for him and luckily I am not with him.

For the news, I will go to the Eurospace Center tomorrow, but it will depend on my personal schedule and the weather. There is especially one conference I would like to see for: “La Nuit des Etoiles” or “The Night of Stars” in English. Tomorrow and the next days will be the perfect time to see the Perseids shower in the night sky and it will particularly visible this year because the moon will set at the same time at the sun, beginning its new lunar cycle. However, it will probably be as cloudy as the lunar eclipse day… I am prepared to be disappointed.

Basically, the Perseids shower can be seen after the “flight” of the comet Swift-Tuttle, the remaining trail dust will fall on the Earth. If you have never seen falling stars ever in your life, it is a great time to get outside and take a look. It is also very easy to track them (the shower will fall around a fixed point, and it is called the “Radiant”), you just need to know where is the constellation of Perseus (it is easy to know where it is if you can see the Cassiopeia constellation which looks like a “W” in the night sky (look at the North of Polaris). If you want more info, this article is well-explained.

Saint-Elmo’s Fires is known by navigators from centuries ago, It is called like that because it looks like fires bursting from metallic parts of a boat or a plane. In some weather’s condition, when a piece of metal is charged by electricity through a conductor, the air around the piece of metal is ionized and create a corona effect (it looks like a “corona” during an eclipse). The electricity won’t make an arc but will create an effect of bursting fires.

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