#185 | 3dp01 – improving the 3d printer

Hi guys,

I take a stroll outside the city today to see the modeling exhibition. I had some chance to talk with some makers about improving the 3d printers on the hardware and software sides. There were quite a lot of models and even some drones. Quite interesting for new ideas.

One of the ideas to improve the printer is changing the heat distribution on the heatbed by using a 2mm or 3mm one mirror side on it, the temperature will rise more efficiently and uniformly. It is a better solution than my 3mm piece of glass.

The PLA supply roll is also more useful when it is right above the heat nose instead of being on the side. It is easier to pre heat when the filament is right above the printing system.

The transformer used by these guys was a gaming computer transformer to minimize the size. that way, they can put the Arduino at the same side of the printer. They use it with a raspberry pi but I don’t have the time to ask him the improvement on this matter (looks like a precalculation for the trees support or something).

For the drones, some concept of propellers protection are also quite interesting like using a simple circle of 3d print part that they connect to the hardware with some metal. VR helmet can also be really interesting to use by using the smartphone.

Well, it is a bit hard to talk about everything I discuss with the makers, but to simplify it they have a process of failures and success. So it is quite hard to explain exactly what can be working in all the cases.

Thanks for the reading and see you !

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