#09 – Finding a cure for a sickness

Hi guys, today is a bit special too.

Like you know I am a bit sick these days so I had some hard time to keep up with this daily blog article. I planned to make an article on 3D implantation with matte painting for today but I decided to go to the doctor and I managed to get some explanation on what I got.

First of all, It is just a rhinitis, a common viral infection due to an inflammation of the mucous membrane inside the nose. Three days ago, Bach and I went outside to get some component, that’s probably how I got the infection.
The doctor explained to me that the irritation inside the throat is either vertical or horizontal (from jaw to jaw), in my case, it is vertical so it is not glands issues. I don’t get muscular tensions on my face so he put aside the probability of any muscular issues, even If I said I have body aches. The infection makes, however, ganglions appeared both side of my neck, only perceptible by touch. So, he can be sure that it is viral. He asked me if I was in pain when I ate or drank something, I said no and this answer can tell him the sickness source isn’t a trachea issue.

So, when I go outside the cold just make a congestion in my nose and the difference in temperature when I get inside, make the “liquid” pour down to the throat, so virus irritates my respiratory tract and make me cough even more.
Somehow, my nose doesn’t ache me, but it is a great part on why I didn’t stop coughing: the mucous membrane is inflamed, the fluid goes down and that’s why the throat is irritated.
I can get rid of the main issue with a nasal spray that can keep viral infection and inflammation in check, but if my throat got an inflammation too, the doctor also gave me a syrup for this case.
For the temperature issue, he advised me to put a scarf around the neck and cover the nose. At night, putting some pillows under the head can decrease the accumulation of liquid pouring down in my throat.

So here we are for the health article of the day and no picture for today though, sorry!

Take care everyone, and be safe!


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