#10 – Making a pillow using physics with Blender

Today we’re going to learn how to create a pillow quickly using blender, don’t ask me why. I wanted to do one and wondered how I could do one easily.

Let’s start with a plane we’ll subdivide then extrude it.

Let’s add some physics, particularly the cloth one since it is a pillow we want to make.

The only setting I changed was the Self Collision in Cloth Collision, to allow the object to deform itself. You could also play with the Distance option, this will affect the transformation. After these settings have been applied, we can run the animation (ALT+A) and select a frame we like. (In my case, the object dropped down due to gravity but I still saw the object getting deformed to a pillow-like form).

Once the frame we like has been found, you can “freeze” the frame by applying the effect in the modifiers tab. I added a subdivision surface modifier as well (CTRL+1) to smooth the surface.

We now have a ravioli!

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