#15 | da01 – Drawing anatomy: bones of the forearms, arms and thoracic cage

Hi guys!
This post will be a follow-up to this one: #07.
Today, I will tell you about the bones of forearms and arms. Since these bones are quite simples if we don’t look at them in details, I will draw the thoracic cage and the vertebral column.
Like the last time, this post will be quite short since it’s just a schematic of what I learned:

  • Bones of the arms and forearms:
    The radius and the ulna are the messy ones because they tend to cross each other when you move your hand. A good way to remember radius position is to check the thumb position.
    The scapula is weirdly connected to the torso bones, but I guess it is in the muscular structure that I need to look for the explanations. It will be for another time.


  • Bones of the thoracic cage and vertebral column:
    There are 10 couples of ribs, 8 of them are true ribs and the last ones are false ribs, false because they are not directly connected to the sternum. Two ribs are floating too, that’s special cases in the anatomy of the thoracic cage.
    Vertebra column is composed by 6 cerebral (Cx),12 thoracics (Tx), 5 Lumbar (Lx), and 5 Sacral (Sx) bones. “x” is the position number of the bones.


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