#23 | da03 – Drawing anatomy: skeletal structure of human body

Surprisingly, feet differed from hands by very few details. How interesting… Human bones are quite something, I can now understand some martial art moves and how human mechanics works. It is also very interesting to see the positions of the head from the neck and the limits of head angles…. Hmm.

Oh, hi guys! I didn’t see you!

This time, I finally managed to finish all the skeletal anatomy drawings and understanding their position. There are maybe some mistakes but It will be more visible when I’ll draw the muscles above the bones, I guess. But heh, I know a lot of name of bones now!
Oh well, this part is done, I can now proceed to the next step of my plan: the muscular anatomy drawings.

What I learned so far:

  • Bones of the hand.
  • Bones of the arms.
  • Bones of the body.
  • Column vertebra.
  • Naming bones of skeletal anatomy.

What I learned today:

  • Bones of legs.
  • Bones of the head.
  • Bones of the feet.
  • How to draw the human proportions better.
  • Understand the human mechanics of movements.

What I planned to do:

1) Learn skeletal anatomy
2) Learn muscular anatomy
3) Modelisation in 3D (maybe animation ?)
4) Improve the 3D printer
5) Make figurines in ABS filament
6) Painting the figurines
7) Electronic figurines and face recognition?
8) Space tracking device with a 3D projector
9) Domotic & hologram

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