#48 – Let’s talk about the interface of FL Studio

Hi everybody. Today it’ll be a low-effort article because I’m moving out and I’m not sure I’ll have a lot of time during the day to write something, I’m not sure I’ll have internet either so I’m writing something in anticipation. Once I’ll be settled in it’ll be a lot more easier to write :).


FL Studio

This time, I’ll talk about FL Studio and do a quick description of the main interface since it’ll be the software I will use to create music (with my guitar probably as an option).

This project is the default project of the version of FL Studio I used. You can hear it there if you want. First of all the first difference with normal windows is that the upper-left option has the reduce, transform to window or close button. The main window is separated in three main parts at the first launch, the left side which is the browser, used to select the different instrument, plugins or files you want to use, the middle part called the channel rack, used to setup all the different track parts you are going to set in the final project (you can for example work on simple beats there, import audio files and so on). The last part is the playlist, which will be used to setup all our tracks in the correct order, setup filters (for example to change the volume of a track at certain parts).


What’s to come

The software is pretty complex so I’ll have a lot to talk about the next times I’ll use it. I think what I’ll want to do is to learn by copying stuff first before creating something myself. I usually am not too motivated to work like that in 3D but I think that in art it should be important to be able to copy something, at least to grasp the technical aspect of a work.

Alright, as I said that was a low-effort article but I’ll probably get back to security soon enough and I’ll have a lot to talk about.

Thanks for reading !

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