#54 – Learning about speakeasies and their origins

Hey everybody, today I’ll speak about a subject pretty weird but it was something I learned about a while ago and I only had the opportunity to go to one and have its official name yesterday. I just ended the article after my first day at work so I’m pretty tired.


What’s a speakeasy?

A speakeasy is a hidden bar, mostly created during the prohibition era in 1920. The front of the bar is generally hidden using a public cover, such as a pizzeria, a launderettes and so on and won’t say they have a bar in the back room. Even though these bars were created during that period, some of them still exist today and I’ll talk today about some speakeasy bars in Paris.


The Moonshiner

That’s the speakeasy I went to yesterday. Basically, you have to enter through a pizzeria called Pizza Da Vito at the entrance and go straight to a metal door at the end then go through a walk-in fridge to get to the hidden bar. The ambiance was pretty cool, although crowded. It really felt like the kind of secret places I always wanted to go to when I was younger, searching for the right brick to push on a wall.

The bar was situated near Bastille, so it doesn’t surprise me it is a popular attraction, even though I think walking down that road,  you wouldn’t be aware there is a secret bar hidden inside that pizzeria.


A few other examples

There are a few other examples of speakeasies in Paris, such as:

  • Blaine: It is a bar having that 1920s style, even the bartenders gets dressed to have an unique style to help get a reminiscence of the prohibition era. To get inside the bar you have to go through a black door, telling first a password that gets changed every week (that you can get by sending a private message on their facebook page)
  • Le lavomatic: As its name can spoil what it is, it is located at the top floor of what looks like a fully functioning launderette.
  • Gentlemen 1919: That bar have a very masculine ambiance as their guests basically will order scotch/whisky with a cigar in hand. This speakeasy is located at the back of a barbershop, what’s manlier than that?
  • Of course I didn’t list them all and only selected some I’d want to take a look at one day

I’d love to go these one one day, unfortunately most of my friends are not really the type to go to a bar anyway, maybe one day. If I have the opportunity to start a 1920’s Call of Cthulhu campaign, it could be a great opportunity to go to one of these bars with the party members.

See you next time!

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